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Listing/Buyers Agent

We are exclusive Sellers or Buyers Real Estate Agents. What sets us apart from other realtors is our pricing and unique services and quick closing.

Our team will assist with any questions you might have and we will answer them quickly.

Our main goal is to be your one stop listing or buyers agent to get you in excrow and close.


Home Inspections

Free Home and Termite inspections we also provide free Photos.

Zero Escrow

Seller Pays Zero Escrow.

What Our Customers Say

Testimonials about Arthur Cervantes Resl Estate Broker.

Listing/Buyers Agent

Sellers and Buyers call us because of our closing percentage and what we do before closing



Closing in 30 days

  • No Escrow Fees
  • Free Termite Inspection
  • Down Payment Assistance
  • 100% Financing to Buyers

Sellers and Buyers Agent

Arthur Cervantes is one of the top Listing and Buyers agent in Orange and LA County

  • Closings 99%
  • 30 Day Closings 99%
  • No Escrow Fees 100%
  • Reviews 100%

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For more questions, you can contact Arthur Cervantes directly.


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205 19th St

Huntington Beach, Ca USA

(714) 603-2945